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Spyro x my oc by HomlessDalek Spyro x my oc :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 3 0 to my Step sister by HomlessDalek to my Step sister :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 0 0 Have Your self a Marry Christmas by HomlessDalek Have Your self a Marry Christmas :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 0 0 Im Always With You by HomlessDalek Im Always With You :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 1 0 My Lion King Oc Kunga by HomlessDalek My Lion King Oc Kunga :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 2 2 Like a BOSS !!!!!!! by HomlessDalek Like a BOSS !!!!!!! :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 0 0 Corps Princesse by HomlessDalek Corps Princesse :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 0 0 DeadPool wolf by HomlessDalek DeadPool wolf :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 1 3 Kirk and Spock fans by HomlessDalek Kirk and Spock fans :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 1 0 Venturean arm ting by HomlessDalek Venturean arm ting :iconhomlessdalek:HomlessDalek 0 0


Rar by MYBEANS17 Rar :iconmybeans17:MYBEANS17 130 30 Blue by Zoey-Hoshi Blue :iconzoey-hoshi:Zoey-Hoshi 143 7 Dean Winchester by vikki-spn Dean Winchester :iconvikki-spn:vikki-spn 218 8 Bucky Barnes by Sammaella Bucky Barnes :iconsammaella:Sammaella 208 64 SPN dogs-Winchester Brothers re-do by Sammaella SPN dogs-Winchester Brothers re-do :iconsammaella:Sammaella 435 101 Supernatural Morons by IoanaZ Supernatural Morons :iconioanaz:IoanaZ 618 77 Sam Winchester - Supernatural by griffouine Sam Winchester - Supernatural :icongriffouine:griffouine 1,620 139 Supernatural by Lotte1199 Supernatural :iconlotte1199:Lotte1199 2,315 195
Magnets (BuckyxChild!Reader)
(Name) Stark was playing with her toys, blissfully unaware of anything going on in her home. Being the daughter of none other than Tony Stark, naturally she had all the toys she wanted, and all the best ones. Tony was just domesticated like that now, and ever since he laid eyes on (Name) when she was one year old, he'd fallen for her and been wrapped around her finger ever since.
"Steve, what the fuck?!" You heard your Daddy yell. You stuck your bottom lip out a bit, being pulled out of your concentration and now annoyed.
"Tony, calm down-"
"Nope, nuh-uh, can't happen. I let you live in my damn Tower since your apartment got the hell sniped out of it—by him, might I add—and then you wanna do this to repay me? My daughter is three fucking years old, she doesn't need that in her life!"
You cocked an eyebrow. Why was Daddy arguing with Uncle Steve?
"Tony, calm down, please. He needs a place to stay, even temporarily-"
Tony ran his hands throug
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 776 74
Snow Leopard by Yakovlev-vad Snow Leopard :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 1,589 135 septic-dad|who's your daddy by RPGlinx septic-dad|who's your daddy :iconrpglinx:RPGlinx 11 2
BBC Sherlock/Supernatural x Angel!Kid!Reader pt.5
    (y/n), Sherlock, John, and Dean reappear in the building of the crime scene. Inside, the scene was as follows: a shattered mirror that used to hang on the wall, the body was on the ground with his eyes gauged out, bloody hand prints were everywhere on the walls, and on one of the walls the blood was smeared so it made the letters 'B' and 'M'. (y/n) looked around the scene with a serious expression placed on her face. Sherlock had already began to observe the whole crime scene and making deductions while John took notes. Dean stood next to the little angel.
    "Do you feel that?" (y/n) said. Dean looked down. "Feel what?" (y/n) walked towards the shattered mirror and brushed off all the glass until the framing was the only thing left. "Do you have a UV light, Mr. Holmes?" (y/n) asked without looking at him. Sherlock looks around where the team still left their tools and supplies in the crime scene and soon finds what (y/n) was asking for. "Thank you." she says a
:iconkokerret:kokerret 75 22
When a bell rings (Fallen!CastielXChild!Reader)
~WARNING SEASON 8-9ish SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!~
You frowned as you watched Castiel make a sandwich for you. He had found you in an alley two years ago and healed you of your blindness. Soon after that two men by the name of Sam and Dean saved you from this couple that was trying to sacrifice you for their god. They took you to this bunker. That belonged to the men of letters. And you were delighted to see that Castiel was there.
You were very smart for your age even though you never went to school. Castiel had taught you how to read last year and you helped Sam and Dean with research when they needed it. Recently Castiel seemed...damaged. Different than he used to be. He wasn't as happy anymore. And he spent most of his time reading in his room.
"Castiel?" You asked.
"Yes (Y/n)?" He asked in his normal gravelly voice as he set the plate down in front of you.
"What's wrong?"
He tilted his head as you began to eat. "What do you mean?"
"You seem different." You said once swallowing the bite
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 153 29
Castiel x Child!Reader: Pretty Angel
The angel, with a curiosity for humans watched the tiny human waddle around the room, taking everything in, and trying to touch everything.
"You want to me to take care of this human child?" Castiel asked, still watching the child.
"This 'human child' has a name, you know. It's __________," Dean sighed, patting your hair. You giggled a bit and continued what you were doing.
"And how did you acquire this chi- ___________?" He asked.
"We found __________ abandoned and was wandering the streets. And we asked __________ where the parents were but they were gone," Sam replied. "So. We are trying to track the parents down,"
Castiel nodded.
"Okay. I will look after __________. I'm sure my angelic presence will calm her down. Babies and children are always calm around a presence of an angel," The angel said, being completely determined.
"Thanks, Cas. We will be back in a couple of hours. Be good, okay, _________?" Dean said, waving goodbye to you and Castiel.
You instantly turned to Castiel an
:iconsinnamonbby:SinnamonBby 301 54
Castiel x Reader - Titanic
Flipping though the stack of dvds you had rented and culling a few, your ears perked up when there was a crash in the kitchen.
Setting down the dvds and heading into the other room, you saw Cas holding a bag of microwave popcorn, still folded with the plastic wrap on it.
The confused angel turned to you. "(yn), I am sorry, but I am unable to complete the task you gave me." He told you, gesturing to the bag in his hands. "The popping corn seems to be surrounded by an impenetrable force."
You grinned, trying not to laugh, when Castiel's brow furrowed. Uh oh.
Touching the bag again, this time with two fingers, Castiel used his angelic force against the popcorn.
After cleaning up the explosion of popcorn and airing out the smell of burning plastic, you peeled off the plastic of a new bag and showed Castiel which buttons to press on the microwave.
Now, sitting side-by-side on the couch with the popcorn resting in the middle of you, Castiel watched as you picked up the remote, scrolling thro
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 353 70
Frozen Puns (SamxReaderxDean)
“(y/n) look it’s snowing,” Sam said as you and Dean climbed into the Impala. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” He asked smiling back at you.
“Does it have to be a snowman?” You replied as Dean sighed heavily.
“Will you two shut up about that movie about the ice? It’s all you two have been talking about for days,” he stated as he turned on the car and began heading for the cemetery.
“You’re right Dean,” you said from your spot in the backseat. “It’s almost like we can’t--”
“Don’t you dare,” Dean interrupted.
“Let it go,” Sam finished. You and Sam started laughing and Dean just death glared his brother.
“Can we please just focus on the task at hand? There’s a body that needs burning and that doesn’t require ice puns,” Dean grumbled.
“Dean, it’s just a movie. You need to chill out,” you said trying not to laugh.
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 834 198



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Hi I like sherlock, star trek and um stuff so yea
Also im a furry
and Proud one at that
So pice
oh I also Love Doctor Who


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